COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We are taking measures to protect our clients and new customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further to the Government announcement on 10th May 2020, it has been stated that 'personal care services' such as hair and beauty salons in England will not be able to reopen until 4th July at the earliest. As Transforming Trauma Today is classed as a personal care service we are still remaining temporarily closed. Nevertheless, we are offering EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions via phone and Skype alongside Distant Reiki Healing. 

Explore the 'Therapies' and 'Contact' page for further information if you feel your health and well-being will benefit from holistic therapy during this stressful time of uncertainty. 

Please don't hesitate to call if you are facing isolation and need someone to talk to or if you wish to find out further how I can help you ease your stress and anxiety. 

'This too shall pass'